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Restaurant Menu


Small Bites

All prices quoted in XCD

Carib Ceviche 22

Local fresh fish cured in lime juice and coconut with cilantro tomato, and onion

Butter Shrimp 24

Sauteed in brown butter, served with blue cheese dip

The Big Pig 19

Very thick cut bacon with mango apple cider dip

Escargots 28

Half a dozen snails in old fashion garlic butter and baguette

Tuna Rafts 23

Taro chips topped with seared Ahi tuna, cucumber slaw and jalapeno

Artichoke Bruschetta 14

Topped with artichoke, roasted tomato, garlic aioli, roasted red pepper, fresh basil


All prices quoted in XCD

Sea Fruit Sandwich 29

Local fish, pan seared, housemade tartare sauce, corn slaw, french fried onion, lettuce

Chef's Steak Sandwich 33

Dry aged beef, caramelized onion and mushroom, balsamic dressed arugula, muenster cheese, horseradish cream

Asian Chicken 28

Sesame chicken breast, cashew teriyaki glaze, cabbage, scallion, ginger mayo

Ultimate Bacon 29

Maple glazed pork belly, housemade ranch, cheese, roasted tomatoes, lettuce


All prices quoted in XCD

Wedge Salad 24

Wedge of iceburg lettuce, tomatoes, bacon, scallion, corn, Mango ranch

Tuna Niçoise 33

Arugula, lettuce, olives, hard boiled egg, tomato, olives, cucumber, red wine vinaigrette

Big Bites

All prices quoted in XCD

Coconut Shrimp Pasta 55

Shrimp linguine tossed in a creamy coconut sauce, fresh basil leaves, shaved Parmesan and grated coconut

Cremini and Gorgonzola Pasta 45

Mushroom linguine tossed in a creamy blue cheese and basil sauce, topped with roasted pinenuts

Mussels 40

Steamed mussels in butter and wine jus, freshly baked French baguette

Chicken Mushroom 45

Sous vide chicken breast tossed in creamy fresh mushroom sauce with sauteed potatoes and roasted veggies

Steak au Poivre 92

Dry aged tenderloin steak, peppercorn sauce, sauteed potatoes, roasted veggies

Fisherman’s Luck 65

Fish fillet cooked sous vide, caper beurre blanc, fragrant jasmine rice, apple salad

Seared Tuna Steak 60

Grade 1 Ahi tuna steak, balsamic glaze, sauteed potatoes, roasted veggies


All prices quoted in XCD

Roasted Vegetables 12

Glazed Button Mushroom 15

Fragrant Jasmine Rice 8

Sweet Bites

All prices quoted in XCD

Mango Ricotta Crêpe 20

Chocolate Mousse Cheese Cake 20