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Brunch Menu



All prices quoted in XCD

61 Deluxe Toast26

Smashed avocado and hummus with tomato confit and pumpkin seeds

Grenadian Weekend28

Saltfish souse and coconut bakes with fried plantain

Classic Breakfast38

Fried eggs with sausage, bacon and grilled tomatoes

Poached Eggs26

Portuguese style with fresh tomato sauce, feta cheese and herb crumbs

Spanish Omelette35

Open style omelet with chorizo, spinach and tomato

Breakfast Burrito32

Stuffed with scrambled eggs, bacon fresh tomatoes and avocado

Breakfast Bowl26

Coconut and low fat yogurt with granola and local fruits

Cinnamon Pancakes26

Served with berry compote

Omelette Soufflé30

Your choice of filling: chocolate marshmallow, banana caramel, or berry

Brunch Hour Drinks Specials

All prices quoted in XCD

Bottega Mimosa14

Bloody Mary14