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Restaurant Menu


Weekly Specials

All prices quoted in XCD


All prices quoted in XCD

Sweet Spot Tuna 32

Our version of tuna poké with compressed cucumbers and buttermilk

West Side Bites 25

Crisp potato bites with codfish and basil mayo

61 Wings25

Your choice - Spice, Asian Tang, White BBQ, Dry Fried

*Gluten Free option available

Pork Belly Tostados30

Toasted corn tortilla with crispy pork pickled onions and mango chow


Tortilla chips, topped with cheddar cheese, fresh Pico de gallo & sour cream


Chicken $12

Beef $18

Shrimp $25

House Hummus25

Freshly made with smoked paprika and corn chips

Crispy Vegetables25

Fried to golden brown perfection, tossed in spicy Korean BBQ sauce and garnished with roasted almonds.

East Meets West28

Crispy Curried beef and potato rolls. A family secret recipe.

Mozzarella Sticks20

Mozzarella cheese sticks, battered with Italian bread crumbs and served with delicious marinara sauce

61 Wraps18

Soft tortilla filled with grilled onions, bell pepper and cheese


Chicken $12

Fish $15

Beef $18

Soups & Salads

All prices quoted in XCD

Soup of the Day 28

Ask your server for the daily special

Super Salad35

Guacamole, marinated tomatoes, pumpkin, beets, pickled onions and couscous garnished with toasted pumpkin, cocoa nibs and a pomegranate dressing (Add Fish $15, Chicken $12, Shrimp $25)

Caesar salad34

Fresh romaine lettuce, croutons and Caesar dressing, topped with parmesan cheese

Watermelon and Feta Salad 35

A combination of Mixed Lettuce, Sweet cubed Watermelon, salty Crumbled Feta, sliced Cucumber and Fresh Basil Leaves

Build your Salad 20

Our green house salad with your favorite add-ons (Add Black Olives $6,Sweet Corn $4,Feta Crumbs $6,Pumpkin Seeds $5, Bacon $8, Fish $15,Chicken $12,Shrimp $25)


All prices quoted in XCD

61 Pasta25

Linguini pasta in our delicious tomato sauce with cheese, pepper flakes and basil

Pasta Salad32

A medley of our local vegetables, paired with penne/ rotini pasta, topped with our house dressing(Add Bacon $8, Chicken $12 or Fish $15)

Pesto Alla 6130

Rotini pasta, tossed in fresh pesto sauce, parmesan topped with grated parmesan cheese

Mama Cello56

Our version of carbonara, creamy buttered parmesan penne, with bacon and cured egg yolk

Burgers & Sandwiches

(Served With Fries)

All prices quoted in XCD

House Burger40

Fresh beef patty topped with tomatoes, lettuce, smoked cheddar and bacon jam

Supersonic Cheeseburger40

Fresh beef patty, paired with crispy bacon strips, sauteed onions, melted cheese and our special burger sauce

Golden Delight Burger 40

Deep fried crispy chicken breast, lettuce, tomatoes and spicy mayo. Served with onion rings

Buttermilk Chicken40

Crispy chicken tenderloin topped with Asian slaw and Korean BBQ sauce

Grilled Catch Burger 40

Grilled Fish topped with Asian Slaw

Vegetarian Burger30

House made chick pea patties with freshly mixed local herbs and sweet and spicy dressing.



Kids Options

(Served With Fries)

All prices quoted in XCD

Grilled Sandwiches16

Freshly baked bread, smothered in golden melted cheese, topped with delicious bacon and ham

Chicken Nuggets20

Chicken breast battered with Italian bread crumbs and cooked to golden perfection Served with a side of your choice

Spaghetti & Meatballs 20

Freshly made meatballs, simmered in tomato sauce, served with delicious spaghetti and topped with cheese

Fish Fingers25

Catch of the day sliced and breaded, fried to golden and served with a side of your choice

Fish Fingers25

Catch of the day sliced and breaded, fried to golden and served with a side of your choice

Mac & Cheese17

Elbow macaroni, smothered in a creamy cheese sauce, infused with local herbs and spices


All prices quoted in XCD

Catch of the Day 58

Grilled fresh catch of the day, Bombay potatoes, curried channa and raita

Fresh Fish Tacos45

Today’s fish in corn chips crust, with marinated onion and pico slaw


Shrimp $55

Lobster $65

Chicken Tacos35

Flour tortilla, striped chicken breast with tomato salsa and topped with a spicy mayo

Fish & Chips 58

Classic batter fried fish and chips with mushy peas

Asian Glazed Pork Ribs 70

Garnished with an Asian style Glaze and served with mango slaw and fries

Jerk Chicken60

Chicken in our house made jerk sauce served with creamy macaroni & cheese

New York Strip Loin130

Grilled to order served with Buttered Mash and Sautéed Veggies or fries

Lobster Mac and Cheese 58

Creamy classic with fresh Lobster

Grilled Fresh Lobster Tail 80/145

Half/Whole with any two sides


All prices quoted in XCD

Mac & Cheese 18

Fat Chips18

Honey Roasted Plantain17

Buttered Mash 18

Green House Salad 18

French Fries17

Sweet Potato Fries18

Cheese Fries 16

Spicy/ Cajun Fries 18

Baked Potato 20

Onion Rings16

Seasoned Rice12

Calypso Rice15


All prices quoted in XCD

Chocolate Coffee Cake25

Mouth watering moist chocolate cake, with a shot of espresso baked in, it's a delicious treat.

Baileys Sponge Cake25

Our freshly baked baileys sponge is sure to satisfy our sweet tooth.

Apple Roses22

Apple slices coated with our local jams and wrapped in a shortcrust pastry, dusted with confectioners sugar.

Guava Cheesecake25

Deliciously inviting, our cheesecake boast a creamy texture, with a unique burst of guava

Chocolate Mousse 18

Grenada Chocolate, with almond slivers smoothly rich chocolatey goodness, every spoonful melting in your mouth.

Creme Brulee25

Is a French dessert, that is a rich and creamy custard base, topped with a layer of hard caramel

Ice Cream15

Ask your server what flavors are available